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Themes and customizations


Touchviewer's tools suite allows quick and easy customization of user interface graphics. Graphical themes and preconfigured settings will help you create your own interactive composition.

Multi-User function


In the Multi-User version, Touchviewer allows multiple users to access the navigation menu simultaneously and choose the content that each one wants to display autonomously, independently and in their own language. It is a personalized and dynamic menu ideal for collaborative applications.

Content Sharing


You can create dynamic presentations that share your content on secondary displays. A simple gesture is all you have to do to "send" your files and view them on other screens.



Upload your content and create your own interactive application. Images, 4K Videos, PDFs, Documents, Maps, WEB Browsers and Online documents. All your files become interactive, ready for the most common gestures: tap, zoom, swipe and pinch.



You can take advantage of device downtime to create an actual advertising schedule, view images, videos or informative content.


Reserved access

Access to the Media Manager can be password protected in order to guarantee or reserve content management to specific users.

Web Browser


A built-in Web Browser allows interactive access to the Web. You can browse and search for information online, zoom, interact and open multiple Internet pages within the presentation stage at the same time. The Web Browser module features options that allows you to manage a list of trusted websites, block the use of the touch keyboard or provide a completely free navigation. The new Bookmarks feature allows setting favorite websites to browse and save access credentials and passwords for direct and secure access. The new Web Browser settings also allow editing documents directly online such as Google Documents and Office 365.



Use the Interactive Maps module to view and geolocalize your content. You can add points of interest, paths, routes, link insights, images, and videos. The Maps module lets you import files in KML format compatible with Google Maps to quickly load all geocoding data and make your information immediately available on the map. The maps available are: Google Maps, ArcGIS, OpenStreetMap and Bing.

Info point


Add sensitive points and informative pop-ups on any media content. Display descriptions, photos and videos to create insights or wayfinding systems.

Draw-on and Annotations


This tool allows you to make visual and textual annotations on the elements displayed on the stage. Different types of pens and colors let you highlight key points of a text, take notes on the screen, in a video or on an image. By using the virtual keyboard, you can write comments and notes. You can also save and remove annotations with a simple "touch".

Video Streaming


From the work stage, you can open a video stream from an IP Streaming (RTSP/RTP/UDP/MMS/HTTP streaming) or from a video input. This is how you can show Live Video content within your slideshow presentation.

Share favorite Content


Are you interested in particular content? Did you see an image you like? With content sharing, you can create your own Wishlist and send documents of interest via e-mail. The software automatically converts and compresses the content created into a single customizable PDF.

Open External Application


The Open External Application lets you open your Windows applications directly within your presentation. In this way, you can use specific applications and use your files in a window within Touchviewer.



The function menu contains the main tools useful for navigation. You can move the menu to the screen and place it where you find it more comfortable for navigation. The Toolbox tools allow you to search for content in the archive and open files directly from the Filesystem to view them inside the interactive stage without going through the Media Manager.



This function allows you to search for files and content within the archive you have created. Once you type the name to search, the results are shown on a list ready to be opened and navigated.


Import File

With the Import File tool, you can add content to your presentation without going on the Media Manager. You can also import files from a local folder, a USB device, or a network folder. Touchviewer automatically converts the files you have selected and makes them available on the interactive stage. During a live presentation, you can add and view files that have not been previously uploaded on the software.

ZUI: Zooming User Interface


With the Zooming User Interface function, you can create an infinite workspace where you can place various interactive contents. The Zooming User Interface is like an immense worksheet that extends beyond the visible area of the screen. By tapping and dragging the background, you can move and resize the visible part and the interactive content will remain "docked" to the background. The Zooming User Interface lets you create dynamic and extremely captivating interactive presentations.

Floating Menu


The Floating Menu context menu makes multiple navigation menus available to users on the stage. Through the settings, you can establish the number and orientation of the menus or you can enable the Circle gesture in order to open additional contextual navigation menus on the stage. The selected content will open up before the user.

Snapshots & Share


With the Snapshot function, you can create snapshots of Webpages on which to create annotations and send them via e-mail. All snapshots of the work session are saved and cataloged based on the creation date.

Network sync

Touchviewer can be managed both locally and remotely. It is designed to distribute content on a network of interactive workstations installed in different locations. All Touchviewer clients can be configured to send or receive scheduled updates or do it manually. The tool lets you synchronize your content via: local folder, network folder or the Dropbox cloud storage service. Touchviewer's architecture is based on an extremely high-performing synchronization system that guarantees speed and reliability in all upgrade operations with and towards the remote server.


To create your interactive experience with Touchviewer, you need a PC with Windows 10 64bit. Ask for the FREE TRIAL: you can create your own interactive experience and test all the software functions.

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Touchviewer works even without a touch display because your PC’s mouse simulates the movements of your fingers.