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Truly Multi-User


Touchviewer's Multi-User version introduces a new exciting concept of interactive visualization and collaborative work: the sharing of content in a fluid and dynamic space. The software allows creating a truly collaborative experience dedicated to your customers and your meetings.

A multi-function menu


Touchviewer's Multi-User version enables the Floating Menu context menu function. Based on the size of the Multi-Touch display you want to use, or depending on the type, for example if it is a table or a touch wall, you can choose the number and the position of the menus to enable. The content selected will open up before the user. Through the Circle gesture, you can open additional navigation menus. In this way, your users will be able to access the contents of your presentation independently by viewing the topics of personal interest. Moreover, during a presentation, menus can be moved to the screen and positioned at will.

Select, organize, upload and present

Group your content into folders, organize your images and documents, upload videos even in 4K format, and Touchviewer convert your files into a dynamic slideshow.

Endless interactions for dynamic presentations

In a Showroom, or during a trade fair, your customers can view and search for information. There is no limit to the number of interactions available.

Unlimited working space


Touchviewer offers an unlimited workspace. More than one person can interact with your content because the software allows actual Multi-User activity. There are no limits to the amount of content you can upload to create your interactive experiences. Moreover, by enabling the Zooming User Interface function, you can create a virtually infinite workspace where you can place your interactive content.



The perfect platform

Touchviewer's Multi-User version offers a highly customizable solution where all your media can be used to create a unique and engaging experience for your customers.


Shared workspace

Touchviewer creates a workspace where you can actively collaborate on ideas and projects to present your services and products in an innovative way, improving the user experience of your customers.


A unique software: the best ever

Through a single platform, this unique integrated software allows managing all your content in complete autonomy, without writing a single line of code.


To create your interactive experience with Touchviewer, you need a PC with Windows 10 64bit. Ask for the FREE TRIAL: you can create your own interactive experience and test all the software functions.

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Touchviewer works even without a touch display because your PC’s mouse simulates the movements of your fingers.