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Working together to create something new in a shared vision

Interactive Real-Time Collaboration


Touchviewer's Collaboration version is designed as an advanced interactive content sharing platform. It allows you to share, control and make annotations on content in Real-Time and on different displays.

Content Sharing

With Touchviewer Collaboration, you can create dynamic presentations and share content on secondary displays. Once you have set up the active areas on the touch display, and created the connection infrastructure, a simple gesture is all you need to "send" your files and view them in Real-Time on other screens.


A shared work environment

Touchviewer Collaboration lets you create a real shared work environment. During a working session or a meeting, you can view, control and make annotations on your documents on the touchscreen. Through the active sharing function, each content can be "sent" to other touchscreen devices where it will be possible to make further annotations and corrections on the shared files.

Snapshots & Share


By using the Snapshot function, you can create snapshots of Web pages where you can make annotations and send them to other devices. Select a content on the touchscreen; create a snapshot with the Snapshot function; add notes, drawings, write directly on the snapshot and share it. All snapshots of the work session will be saved and cataloged based on the creation date.



The perfect platform

Touchviewer's Collaboration version offers a highly customizable solution ideal for collaborative spaces and meeting rooms.


Sharing and collaboration

Touchviewer creates a workspace for sharing and collaboration. View your content and "send" it to other devices. It is a new method for active presentation and participation.


A unique software: the best ever

Through a single platform, this unique integrated software allows managing all your content in complete autonomy, without writing a single line of code.


To create your interactive experience with Touchviewer, you need a PC with Windows 10 64bit. Ask for the FREE TRIAL: you can create your own interactive experience and test all the software functions.

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Touchviewer works even without a touch display because your PC’s mouse simulates the movements of your fingers.