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Touchviewer is a unique platform available in four versions: LIGHT (Web browser and maps not included) STANDARD, PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE with a lifetime License: no subscription or maintenance fees required.

Themes and customizations check check check check
Info Point check check check check
Draw-On and Annotations check check check check
Screensaver check check check check
Reserved Access check check check check
Network Sync check check check check
Open External Application check check check check
Import File check check check check
Search check check check check
Toolbox check check check check
Video Streaming check check check
Share Favorite Content check check check
Maps check check check
Web Browser check check check
Snapshot & Share check check check
Floating Menu check check
ZUI Zooming User Interface check check
Screenshot check check
Air Server check check
Real-Time Collaboration check

Hardware requirements

Minimum requirements

CPU: Intel Core i5 (6th Gen)
Storage: HDD 500GB
Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 530, GTX 1030 / Ati 2GB
Ram: 8GB

Recommended requirements

CPU: Intel Core i5 (7th Gen)
Storage: SSD 256GB
Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 630, GTX 1050ti / Ati 4GB
Ram: 16GB

Server requirements (ENTERPRISE)

CPU: Intel Core i5 (7th Gen)
Storage: SSD 256GB
Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 630, GTX 1050ti / Ati 4GB
Ram: 16GB
Network Card: 1000 Mbit/s

Software Update

The development team constantly updates software features and tools based on feedback and market demands. During the 12-month free upgrade period, you will receive notices concerning the new releases available for download.


Expert technical support is available upon request via telephone, remote connection or e-mail. You can also plan training sessions and in-depth courses with our technicians for yourself and your collaborators.


Special Price

Special rates for companies are available for resellers and promotions for multi-license packages. Request information.

License types

Touchviewer is sold with a lifetime license: no subscription or maintenance fees charged. You can also request the software with a temporary license for a certain period of time, for example to rent for an event or a trade show. Once the purchased period has expired, Touchviewer will return in the Demo mode. It is possible to request a renewal of the license in order to continue to use the software without losing its contents.

Removing the Watermark

You must have a paid license to remove the Watermark from the FREE TRIAL version. You must have an internet connection to activate the license. Contact us to request the license key.

Endless interactive experiences

With Touchviewer, you can create endless content archives for likewise interactive experiences. Once you have purchased the software, there are no limits in the number of experiences you can create for yourself or your customers.


Did you purchase the LIGHT version and want to have other software features available? You can change the type of license and move to the upgraded version just by paying the difference in the price of the package.

License Transfer

Each device has its own software license. You can still request the transfer of the license onto a different device. To find out how, contact our team.


To create your interactive experience with Touchviewer, you need a PC with Windows 10 64bit. Ask for the FREE TRIAL: you can create your own interactive experience and test all the software functions.

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Touchviewer works even without a touch display because your PC’s mouse simulates the movements of your fingers.