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To create an exciting interactive experience dedicated to your customers

How it works


Media Manager


Simplicity and intuition is the Touchviewer method. This software lets you upload all your content: images, 4K videos, PDFs, Documents (word, xls, ppt), Maps, Web Browsers and Online documents. You can also organize them according to your needs on screens and in galleries. Custom settings and themes allow you to choose display preferences to create unique and interesting presentations.



In the Media Manager, the visual editor allows you to view the user interface through an instant preview and managing the graphic customization of your presentations. "What you see is what you get", so you can check the final effect before the content is published. Obviously, all this without writing a single line of code!

No limit to dimensions


Landscape or Portrait, single screen or multi-display. Touchviewer works on any type of touch screen installed on your PC. You can set the software to full screen or specify customized dimen-sions.

Displaying the contents


By dividing the contents into folders, you can create your own personal navigation method. Once your files are imported, you can choose to view them as a gallery of images such as in slideshows, transform PDFs into books that can be browsed or set up information and in-depth points.

Touchviewer includes a series of tools to create real dedicated multimedia projects.

Extra Content



You can set up Web pages and browse online, create a list of favorite websites and save access credentials and passwords. You can edit documents directly online such as Google Documents and Office 365.



With the Interactive Maps, you can view and geolocalize your content, add paths, routes, points of interest, and link images and videos for further information.



You can add sensitive points and information pop-ups on any multimedia content to create your personal Info-Point.



With the Draw-on function, you can create visual notes on the elements displayed on the stage, highlight key points, take and share notes or simply draw.



You can search for files within the presentation you have created: once you type the name to search, the results are shown on a list, ready to be opened and browsed.



With content sharing, you can create your own Wishlist and send content, notes and snapshots of your interest via e-mail.

Content and files

Your graphic content, images, videos and catalogs automatically become interactive. You can cre-ate your own presentation in complete autonomy and without writing a single line of code! Touchviewer automatically converts and optimizes uploaded files without any additional software.

List of accepted formats

RGB images (up to 900 Megapixels): jpg, png, gif, bmp, tiff
Videos (also 4K videos): wmv, flv, 3gp, mov, mp4, mpg, avi
Audio: mp3, wav
Documents: PDF, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx
Office 2007 or later versions must be installed for the use of PowerPoint and Excel files.

Content Updating and Synchronization

Touchviewer is manageable both locally and remotely. It is designed to distribute content on a network of interactive workstations installed in different locations. By using the Sync tool, you can synchronize the content through: local folders, network folders or the Dropbox cloud storage service.




Touchviewer manages simultaneous input and events on the screen by transforming each touch event in quick and fluid graphical changes.



The Multi-User version allows multiple people to work on the same content archive simultaneously. Users can open different documents and in different languages at the same time.


Local archive or cloud

All your content can reside locally or be synchronized from a network folder or from the Dropbox cloud storage service.


Use all your content

Set your graphic layout and choose the content to upload in your presentation. Images, 4K Videos, PDFs, Documents (word, xls, ppt), Maps, Web Browsers and Online documents.


No Need To Code

You can create your own presentation in complete autonomy and without writing a single line of code!


No subscription fees

A single platform available in four versions: LIGHT, STANDARD, PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE, featuring a lifetime license.


To create your interactive experience with Touchviewer, you need a PC with Windows 10 64bit. Ask for the FREE TRIAL: you can create your own interactive experience and test all the software functions.

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Touchviewer works even without a touch display because your PC’s mouse simulates the movements of your fingers.